September 2020 Monthly Investment Report

Investment Portfolio Overview September 2020

So this week the corona cases in our country have risen to a level that requires stricter measures, I really hope the measures will be enough to keep the virus under control. Otherwise, we will have a hard couple of months ahead, which obviously will be bad news for the entire portfolio.

This month I added two new investment streams. I opened the extra retirement fund, which allows me to invest with tax benefits. The second addition to the portfolio is crypto, be sure to check the crypto portfolio chapter for the current strategy.

Capital Growth Portfolio

Steady growth in portfolio value, the total return on investment isn’t great yet.

Portfolio value: €3989.36
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €68.01

Binck Portfolio Value 30 September 2020

Retirement Fund Portfolio

Made my first deposits, will make a monthly deposit of €100, this should keep me inside my tax-free investment space. I will add a graph when there is more data available.

Portfolio value: €298.5
Deposits: €300
Growth/decline: €298.5

Index Fund & Stock Portfolio

Another month passes by, and I increased the cash position again. Since my other portfolios are still buying the market, I’m not getting anxious by not investing each month. Still expecting the stock market to dip in the coming months and I want some cash laying around to buy the dip!

Portfolio value: €1911.46
Deposits: €200
Passive income: €3.21
Real Growth/Decline: €-17.05

DeGiro Value & Income 30 September 2020
DeGiro Portfolio Overview 30 September 2020

If you want to start investing as well, the platform I’m investing on (DeGiro) currently has a long waiting list, so if you want to start now you should check out eToro.

Semmie Portfolio

Letting this grow, for now, I will invest more if I have some spare cash lying around in the coming months. I really like that the platform is only investing in sustainable ETF’s.

If you are living in the Netherlands and you are interested in using this platform, send me an e-mail on I will send you the affiliate link to enjoy a €15 signup bonus!

Portfolio value: €49.91
Deposits: €50
Growth/decline: -€0.09

P2P Lending Portfolio


No comments, just steady growth!

Portfolio value: €533.86
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €3.68

Mintos Value & Income 30 September 2020

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive 1% of our average daily balance which is paid in 3 instalments for the first 90 days.

Crypto Portfolio

Since the P2P exposure is getting smaller by the month and the stocks and bonds exposure is growing to all-time highs, I wanted to start diversifying into crypto a little here too. For now, I only added the BTC which I earned by selling the CRO I got as a cashback from my MCO Visa Card. I will start DCA’ing into Bitcoin over the next few months.

Maybe later I will start adding some Ethereum or other currencies/tokens. A staking project might be nice to try too, but we will see… The graph will be added when there is more data available.

Portfolio value: €187.07
Bitcoin value: 0.01493908
Deposits: €50
Growth/decline: €187.07

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €6786.77
Deposits: €700
Passive income: €6.89
Total growth/decline: €597.01
Real growth/decline: -€102.99

Portfolio Overview 30 September 2020

Ideas for October

I will keep monitoring the stock market closely for opportunities to put my extra cash to work!

Website Goals

  • Look into separate pages for the different portfolios beside the monthly updates.

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