May 2020 Monthly Investment Report

Investment Portfolio Overview May 2020

May has been a really good month for the portfolio, weirdly enough the stock market just keeps recovering to old levels without too many hurdles. I made some small deviations from the regular investment plan this month, which I will tell you more about in the Index Fund Portfolio part of the post. Hint: It isn’t just an Index Fund Portfolio anymore!

Capital Growth Portfolio

So the recovery of the portfolio has slowed down a little this month, but nevertheless the portfolio is up again from last month.

Portfolio value: €3485.26
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €129.37

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Index Fund & Stock Portfolio

This month, I deviated a little from the plan to just buy ETF’s in this portfolio, I started looking into separate stocks too this month. I’m looking for company stocks to keep for 5 years or longer. This month I bought Virgin Galactic ($SPCE) at $16.10 apiece, as of writing they are worth $17.07, which is a few percent up from buying. I like the fact the company is in the early stages of its life cycle and the Space industry is quite hot at the moment. NASA and SpaceX are doing awesome things, which will rub off on the valuation of this company in my opinion. Previous highs this year were $42.49, a price level which I believe we will see again in the coming years.

Portfolio value: € 940.90
Deposits: €300
Passive income: €0
Growth/Decline: €20.89

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If you want to start investing as well, the platform I’m investing on (DeGiro) currently has a long waiting list, so if you want to start now you should check out eToro.

P2P Lending Portfolio


No updates here, will let it grow passively for the time being.

Portfolio value: €522.22
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €3

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If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive 1% of our average daily balance which is paid in 3 instalments for the first 90 days.

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €4948.38
Deposits: €400
Passive income: €3
Total growth/decline: €453.06
Real growth/decline: €53.06

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Ideas for June

In June I’m probably going to invest in ETF’s again, I need to build I solid base in the portfolio before diving into single company stocks anymore.

Website Goals

  • Write some more content for the website.

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