March 2020 Monthly Investment Report

Investment Portfolio Overview March 2020

At the beginning of the month, the stock market continued to take a hammering. Since I’ve just started investing I’m not too worried about it, it gives a nice opportunity to buy at lower prices. This is good for the Dollar cost averaging strategy I have, because it allows me to lower my average buy cost of the ETF’s.

There is also some bad news on the P2P portfolio, Grupeer says they are having problems due to COVID-19.

Capital Growth Portfolio

The stock market has been down a lot over the past few weeks. I don’t think the bottom is in yet since the financial strain on many companies will increase if the lockdown restrictions will stay active for a longer period of time.

Portfolio value: €3070.05
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: -€156.68

Index Fund Portfolio

So the VWRL ETF had the first dividend payout since I started buying it, which is awesome. I will continue to buy VWRL and looking into other ETF’s to diversify my portfolio. Dollar cost averaging is certainly a strategy I want to keep using in this and other portfolios.

Portfolio value: € 368.47
Deposits: €200
Passive income: €0.06

P2P Lending Portfolio


Mintos is still growing nicely, I will leave it to grow as decided earlier. I won’t put any more in P2P-lending until the market becomes more stable.

Portfolio value: €515.61
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €3.33

Mintos Value & Income 31 March 2020

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Grupeer put out a statement saying they are in trouble due to the Coronavirus. I’m not so sure this is the whole story since there have been a lot of problems in the P2P sector before the Coronacrisis. I will leave the portfolio value in this post for now, but I expect that next month the platform will collapse completely. It will be a big dent in my portfolio, but it will show that my reservations about P2P lending have been on point. More stock for me in the coming months!

Portfolio value: €507.06
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €3.12

Grupeer Value & Income 31 March 2020

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €4461.19
Deposits: €300
Passive income: €8.30
Total growth/decline: €39.67
Real growth/decline: -€260.33

Ideas for April

I will continue to increase my capital growth portfolio and my index fund portfolio. The markets are down a lot, which means it is a good time to buy!

Website Goals

  • None, since I will be busy building another website as a side hustle.

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