July 2021 Monthly Investment Report

This month, I am a little late with the monthly update since I am writing it on my phone from our holiday in Sicily. The weather is really nice and we are enjoying the sunshine! 🌞

The markets weren’t too bad in July, everything was up again. Especially, the crypto portfolio gained some traction again and was up almost €800.

Capital Growth Portfolio

This month we had a growth of 0.94%, which is OK.

Portfolio value: €5535.50
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €150.38

Binck Portfolio Value 31 July 2021

Retirement Fund Portfolio

Steady growth in the pension fund, 1.77% monthly increase.

Portfolio value: €1485.39
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €124.16

Index Fund & Stock Portfolio

I’ve been growing my cash position (~10%) for the past two months now, in case we dip more in the coming weeks and months. I did put in some orders on some growth and dividend stocks, Coinbase (COIN), Blade Air Mobility (BLDE), Pinterest (PINS) and IBM (IBM).

I didn’t have time to deep-dive into new ETF’s yet, but I am also quite heavy on ETF’s already (~46%), so the motivation isn’t really there. I did find some interesting ETF’s I want to investigate further.

Portfolio value: €5783.11
Deposits: €200
Cash: €573.07
Passive income: €12.61
Real Growth/Decline: €-26.81

DeGiro Value & Income 31 July 2021
DeGiro Portfolio Overview 31 July 2021

If you want to start investing as well, the platform I’m investing on (DeGiro), but you can also invest on other platforms like eToro.

Semmie Portfolio

No comments, just a little growth!

If you are living in the Netherlands and you are interested in using this platform, send me an e-mail on info@coinpooper.com. I will send you the affiliate link to enjoy a €15 signup bonus!

Portfolio value: €138.49
Deposits: €0
Growth/decline: €0.98

P2P Lending Portfolio


No comments, just steady growth!

Portfolio value: €583.96
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €4.99

Mintos Value & Income 31 July 2021

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive 1% of our average daily balance, which is paid in 3 instalments for the first 90 days.


I’m currently invested in 5 projects on EstateGuru with 10-11% interest rate. For now, this will be enough; I will let the platform do its job for a while and see how the loans perform. In the future, I will probably look for another platform to increase spread or increase my investment on Mintos, since this platform is really steady and working on getting regulated.

Portfolio value: €253.51
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €0.88

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive a 0,5% bonus on all the investments done during the first 90 days of your registration on all the investments that move to funded status.

Crypto Portfolio

Crypto is consolidating nicely and Bitcoin is even testing 40k again. Hopefully, the upcoming Ethereum hard fork will give the portfolio an extra boost!

The rest of the assets are still growing slowly because of the interest. Swissborg is giving me a 4.5% yield on my bitcoin and 7.75% on my USDC. This is a little higher than BlockFi, which has 4.0%. BlockFi lowered their interest again. Celsius is becoming more interesting to test because of this. However, I first have to check withdrawal rates on BlockFi because I’m invested with such a little amount, it might not be worth it to move it to a different platform.

I also want to remind everyone, especially now that crypto is quickly appreciating in value, how important it is to keep the bulk of your crypto off the exchanges you are trading on. I keep mine on a Ledger.

Portfolio value: €4052.7
Bitcoin value: 0.0447648
Ethereum value: 0.83141969
Deposits: €50
Withdrawals: €0
Growth/decline: €773.02

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €17940.11
Deposits: €450
Withdrawals: €0
Passive income*: €18.48
Total growth/decline: €1328.67
Real growth/decline: €878.67

* this only includes P2P & Dividend

Investment Portfolio Value 31 July 2021
Investment Portfolio Overview 31 July 2021
Investment Portfolio Asset Type 31 July 2021

Ideas for August

Dive into above mentioned ETF’s!

Website Goals

  • Nothing new planned

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