January 2021 Monthly Investment Report

Investment Portfolio Overview January 2021

We are still in lockdown, and it seems the lockdown will be extended next week since the numbers aren’t going down fast enough. The crypto portfolio has been doing really well, and the stocks are also doing well, let’s see how long this goes on. When the market goes down, there will be some nice opportunities to pick up some more stocks, so I will try to rebuild my cash position. Last month, there have been some nice entries, so my cash position is actually negative at the moment. Just read on to see why that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Capital Growth Portfolio

Portfolio value goes up steadily, nothing too special.

Portfolio value: €4471.81
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €103.37

Retirement Fund Portfolio

Steady growth in the pension fund, 1.04% monthly ROI.

Portfolio value: €755.68
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €106.73

Index Fund & Stock Portfolio

So this month, another two buy orders hit. I bought one more share of Salesforce.com @ $218.31 and ten shares of Coca-Cola @ $50.62. I am looking to build a nice position in some dividend stocks, which I won’t sell in the near future or maybe ever. The ones I currently own are Coca-Cola Company, Royal Dutch Shell and UNILEVER.

I’m trying to allocate growth and dividend stocks at a 50/50 rate now, which means I will need to add some more dividend stocks this year. However, the price of stocks I’m looking at will be factoring more heavily than the 50/50 ratio.

Two buy orders hit which were of higher value than the €200 deposited each month and now my cash fund is currently at a negative, which means I’m lending cash on the platform. You should be careful with this because the rate of an ‘unallocated’ loan is 4%. Since I deposited the standard €200, my remaining loan is about €350, which I will allocate as a loan for the next month. This means the cash is borrowed at a 1.25% rate because the EONIA loan rate is negative, which results in 0% at the DeGiro platform.

The loan at a 1.25% rate will not be a big problem since my dividend stocks will yield me more than that. Obviously, I will focus on getting my balance in the green the coming months! The current dividend for Coca-Cola is 3.38%, for Royal Dutch shell it’s 3.27%, and for UNILEVER it’s 3.36%, which will make sure I stay in the green, in the long run!

Portfolio value: €3631.90
Deposits: €200
Cash: -€354.65
Passive income: €0
Real Growth/Decline: €421.82

If you want to start investing as well, the platform I’m investing on (DeGiro), but you can also invest on other platforms like eToro.

Semmie Portfolio

No comments, just a little growth!

If you are living in the Netherlands and you are interested in using this platform, send me an e-mail on info@coinpooper.com. I will send you the affiliate link to enjoy a €15 signup bonus!

Portfolio value: €124.10
Deposits: €0
Growth/decline: €0.76

P2P Lending Portfolio


No comments, just steady growth!

Portfolio value: €554.74
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €4.34

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive 1% of our average daily balance which is paid in 3 instalments for the first 90 days.

Crypto Portfolio

This month I was looking to make some swing trades, so in the first week of January, I bought some Polkadot (DOT). I bought at $9.58 and sold at $17.43, which was an awesome ~81% profit. I also sold the VeChain I had, which gave me a ~46% profit. On top of that, I received the signup bonus from BlockFi and some interest.

Portfolio value: €2558.07
Bitcoin value: 0.03694948
Ethereum value: 1.07217448
Deposits: €0
Growth/decline: €805.46

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €12218.12
Deposits: €400
Passive income: €4.34
Total growth/decline: €1660.17
Real growth/decline: €1260.17

Ideas for February

I will focus on getting my cash position positive again, I really want to have some cash lying around to buy dips.

Website Goals

  • Try to write some other blog posts

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