January 2020 Monthly Investment Report

Investment Portfolio Overview Janaury 2020

It’s time for my first monthly writeup. Let’s see what progress I made in the first month of investing. I’m currently investing in four different types of investments; I’ve got a capital growth portfolio, index fund portfolio, a P2P lending portfolio, and a crypto portfolio.

I won’t dive into the crypto portfolio too much for now, but I might elaborate further on that in the future.

Capital growth portfolio

So in December, I took a couple of steps in starting this investing journey. Firstly, I opened a capital growth investment portfolio and put some money in there. I started with 3000 euros and my goal is to keep adding €100 to the portfolio as a base monthly investment. The risk of this type of investing is relatively low. The stocks & bonds are mostly index funds, which means the bad performance of a single company/ stock won’t affect the price too much. It will follow the market up or down.

I’ve set a 15-year goal of €100 monthly deposits, which will result in an amount of €21,000 in deposits. I’m not sure yet if the gains on the portfolio should count towards passive income. Since a month later, it could easily drop in value resulting in a decline in passive income, so I will probably just mention the overall value of the portfolio.

Portfolio value: €3269.30
Deposits: €100

Index fund portfolio

Next to the mixed capital growth portfolio, I’m looking to set up an ETF portfolio that will generate dividends. So far, I deposited 100 euros in my DeGiro account, which I’m going to spend on the VWRL ETF, which gives quarterly dividend returns. The current price is quite high, but it looks like there is still some momentum, so I just went ahead and bought one anyway. Since this isn’t a quick gains strategy, I’m not too worried about the price being way off the 50-day moving average. I’m not a technical analysis specialist, but on top of that, using only one indicator and not taking into market sentiment into account is never a good idea in trading I guess.

When I wrote this bit on January 10th, the price was way off the 50-day moving average.
Today, February 1st, the market closed around the 50-day moving average just before the weekend.

Once I have some more experience, I might look into company stocks that have pay dividends, but starting with an index fund seems like a good way to get started for now.

I will keep depositing money into the account regularly to increase the number of shares I have. The reason I will keep adding euros is to make sure the percentage of my P2P lending portfolio stays at about 25% of my whole investment portfolio since I consider P2P lending to have a higher risk than stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc.

Portfolio value: € 98.88
Deposits: €100

P2P lending portfolio


So as you might have read in my first post, I started investing on the Mintos platform two months ago. I’ve put €500 in to test the waters (in December 2019) and will decide what to do with it after a few months. Do I want to increase the size of the portfolio on this particular platform, or do I want to spread some over different platforms or even other investments to reduce the risk?

Portfolio value: €507.25
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €3.25

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In December, I diverted a small portion of my crypto portfolio to Grupeer, and this month I added another €200, which I earned from a side hustle. Grupeer is the second platform I created an account on for my P2P lending portfolio. Next month, I will probably look into a third platform to make sure my diversification is growing.

Portfolio value: €401.10
Deposits: €200
Passive income: €0.96

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €4276.53
Deposits: €400
Passive income: €4.21
Total growth/decline:

Ideas for February & March

So I’m thinking for February, I want to raise my Grupeer portfolio investments to €500. Furthermore, I want to expand my DeGiro portfolio, so I will add enough there to buy another share of the VWRL ETF.

I’m also looking to diversify further in the crowdlending space. I’m considering two platforms at the moment.

The first platform I am considering is Crowdestor. They have some cool projects with nice return rates. Also, the buyback fund seems like a good way to handle buybacks.

Secondly, I really like Estateguru. To start, it has auto-invest! I also like the fact it only does real estate projects. The monthly returns are considerably lower than the other two options, though.

One more thing to contemplate is what the percentage of my investments in the P2P lending portfolio should be, since Kuetzal and Envestio, two P2P lending platforms collapsed last month, suspected exit scams. I always considered it to be high-risk investments, so not much has changed, although I want to do some due diligence before investing more.

Let’s just see next month what I decided!

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