February 2021 Monthly Investment Report

Investment Portfolio Overview February 2021

This month was a month of extremes, we had snow and ice to skate on and we had temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius. The extremes were also visible in my portfolio, I had a huge run-up and at the and of the month we experienced a big dip in stocks and crypto, up to -25%. Ouch! Let’s see what happened to the portfolio and if we still managed to get this month in green.

Capital Growth Portfolio

Portfolio value goes up steadily, nothing too special.

Portfolio value: €4716.4
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €123.56

Retirement Fund Portfolio

Steady growth in the pension fund, 1.04% monthly ROI.

Portfolio value: €866.49
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €110.81

Index Fund & Stock Portfolio

A lot has happened this month; I had some old orders in my account, which almost all hit because of the big pullback on a lot of stocks. I also made my first bad purchase, so let’s start with that… I bought Ballard Power Systems ($BLDP) because I was expecting it to grow short term. I bought 10 stocks at $36.55 on February 3rd; I wanted to sell them at $45-50 as a short trade, it grew to $40.99 and then the company brought a lot more shares on the market at $37.00, which caused the stock to drop a lot. I will continue to hold for now, because the fundamentals still seem strong.

I also bought some dividend stocks, 7 $UNA (Unilever) at €44.745, 24 $GOLD (Barrick Gold) at $19.75 and 15 $AD (Ahold Delhaize Koninklijke) at €22.08. I’m really happy with these buys, although most of them have dipped a little lower as of now.

Portfolio value: €3485.58
Deposits: €200
Cash: -€1507.21
Passive income: €0
Real Growth/Decline: €-346.32

If you want to start investing as well, the platform I’m investing on (DeGiro), but you can also invest on other platforms like eToro.

Semmie Portfolio

No comments, just a little growth!

If you are living in the Netherlands and you are interested in using this platform, send me an e-mail on info@coinpooper.com. I will send you the affiliate link to enjoy a €15 signup bonus!

Portfolio value: €126.00
Deposits: €0
Growth/decline: €1.11

P2P Lending Portfolio


No comments, just steady growth!

Portfolio value: €558.46
Deposits: €0
Passive income: €3.72

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive 1% of our average daily balance which is paid in 3 instalments for the first 90 days.

Crypto Portfolio

I said I wanted to test more platforms like BlockFi, so this month I created an account for Swissborg. I deposited €50 and bought USDC to receive interest, and when bitcoin has a correction, I will probably use it to buy BTC. Meanwhile, it will yield me 10.53%.

On top of that, I received interest from BlockFi.

Celsius is still on my list to test, but as you can see, I’m trying Swissborg first!

Portfolio value: €2558.07
Bitcoin value: 0.04210915
Ethereum value: 1.0737478
Deposits: €100
Growth/decline: €805.46

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €13322.17
Deposits: €500
Passive income: €3.72
Total growth/decline: €1104.05
Real growth/decline: €604.05

Ideas for February

This month I’m going to look into new P2P or Real Estate investment options.

Website Goals

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