2023 Q4 Quarterly Investment Report

2023 had a really strong finish. The portfolio saw three green months in a row! In October, we saw a 9.04% increase. In November, we saw a 3.79% increase, and in December, we had a whopping 11.57% increase in portfolio value. Most of the increase can be attributed to the crypto part of the portfolio, but stocks have also been rallying.

Capital Growth Portfolio

The Saxo portfolio is up 4.81% all-time performance. The return on investment is not super, to be honest.

Portfolio value: €8279.60
Total deposits: €7900
ROI: 4.81%

Retirement Fund Portfolio

The retirement fund is up 11.98% in total.

Portfolio value: €4703.04
Total deposits: €4200
ROI: 11.98%

Index Fund & Stock Portfolio

In December, I sold my 5 Meta Platform Inc. stocks, and although it has continued to increase in value, I’m really happy I took profit. The stock increased 239%, so I felt it was a good time to take profit. This resulted in the fact that the cash position is finally positive again and I’m planning on keep it like this for a while.

Portfolio value: €13180.40
Cash: €711.03
Total deposits: €11400
ROI: 15.62%

Ideal allocation (December 2023):

  • Stocks: 75%
  • ETFs & Cash: 25%

If you want to start investing, the platform I’m investing on is DeGiro, but you can also invest on other platforms like eToro.

Semmie Portfolio

The total ROI has been great here, but this is mainly thanks to the joining bonuses, which have been discontinued.

Portfolio value: €410.6
Total deposits: €320
ROI: 28.31%

P2P Lending Portfolio


Still paused any further deposits. Once I reach €1000 on this platform and €500 on EstateGuru, I will diversify platforms. The last 3 years have been good on Mintos.

Portfolio value: €871.78
Total deposits: €650
ROI: 34.12%

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive 1% of our average daily balance, which is paid in 3 installments for the first 90 days.


I’m currently invested in 7 projects on EstateGuru with a 9-11% interest rate.

Portfolio value: €407.35
Total deposits: €350
ROI: 16.34%

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we will both receive a 0,5% bonus on all the investments done during the first 90 days of your registration on all the investments that move to funded status.


The first dividend will be received in 2025, and repayments will start in 2029, so there are no short-term gains in sight, but I really like reducing the carbon dioxide footprint while investing.

Portfolio value: €855.5
Total deposits: €855.5
ROI: 0%

Crypto Portfolio

The rest of the assets are still growing slowly because of the interest. Swissborg is giving me a 4.5% yield on my bitcoin and 7.75% on my USDC.

I also want to remind everyone how important it is to keep most of your crypto off the exchanges you are trading on. I keep mine on a Ledger.

Portfolio value: €7195.54
Total deposits: €1432
ROI: 402.48%

Total Portfolio Overview

Portfolio value: €36026.58
Deposits: €27107.5
ROI: 32.90%

* This only includes P2P & Dividend

Ideal allocation (December 2023):

  • ETF & Bonds: 45%
  • Stocks: 25%
  • Cash: 0-5%
  • P2P-lending: 5%
  • Crypto: 20%

Ideas for Q1

In the coming months, it is time to add some to the cash position and take some profit once the crypto portfolio’s piece of the pie becomes too big. This will be needed to keep the 20% allocation.

Website Goals

  • None

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