Hathor Network Project List

Since I’ve invested a little in Hathor Network ($HTR) in January this year, I decided to make a list of projects that are being built on the platform. Hathor is, in short, a digital platform for financial transactions and contracts with a unique combination of high scalability and high decentralization. It creates the perfect environment for multiple use cases where scale, efficiency, long-term security, and censorship-resistance through network distribution combined are needed or can drastically cut current costs and bureaucracy.

Below I will create a dynamic document with some of the projects that are being built on Hathor. I will continually keep updating the list.



Type: NFT Marketplace
Website: 9block.com.br

9Block was born to help artists and collectors connect easily to the world of digital arts and NFTs. By using Hathor’s blockchain, 9block eliminated the cost of minting and transferring art, democratizing access to this new market. 9block’s idea is to bridge the gap between cryptography and the user, facilitating interaction between artists and collectors.

What are NTFS?

NFTs are virtual assets with tamper-evident proof of ownership and precedence that represent exclusive or limited-lot artwork. These arts have unique identifiers registered on a global computer network called the blockchain.

NFTs are enabling artists, musicians and all types of digital creators to challenge the current model of authenticity assurance and sale, creating a new cultural paradigm.

How does 9Block work?

For Creators

Creators will be invited to join the platform. 9block will provide all the necessary support for creating, minting and trading NFTs without blockchain registration fees. In the future, we will make available on our platform a structure for the resale of NFTS, guaranteeing, for the artist, eternal gains on each resale of their art.

For Collectors

Collectors choose an NFT (art piece) and pay in cryptocurrency or credit card through their PayPal account. Afterwards, collectors will receive by email instructions on how to redeem their NFT. A Hathor wallet will be created and the NFT will be moved to that wallet.

9Block is continually improving our platform so that soon anyone can create a profile and display their NFTs in their virtual gallery. Also, they will build a secondary market, so users can sell NFTs among themselves. The secondary marketplace is set to launch in December 2021.

NileSwap (Anubiscoin)

Type: NFT Marketplace
Website: anubians.com (NFTs)
Website: nileswap.com (Marketplace)
Twitter: @Anubiscoin

NileSwap ($ANU) is going to be an NFT-marketplace and to raise funds to build the marketplace they launched one of the first NFTs on the Hathor Network. There isn’t much information available about the marketplace yet, but I will update once more gets released.

Anubiscoin tokenomics have just been released and are as follows:

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