About me

I’m Coinpooper, a 36-year-old dad who’s always been keen on saving money. It started off young with the allowance from my (grand)parents, saving up for the coolest Lego. Even when playing games as a teenager, my in-game finance would be on point, resulting in selling digital currency for real money in several MMORPGs, which was a nice bonus for going out and enjoying life.

After buying a house with my girlfriend and becoming a dad in 2017, I recently started looking into other ways to generate income besides a regular job. After reading about FIRE (Financial Independent Retire Early ), HOT (Healthy/Happy, Opportunity rich & Time rich), Investing, Passive Income, and Crypto, I decided to start investing to generate passive income. Passive income would be the key component on that list, and besides blogging about it, I want to begin doing as little as possible to generate some extra monthly income.

The reason I’m blogging about it is mainly to keep myself motivated to increase my monthly passive income. Hopefully, my insights in generating passive income will be of some worth to you as well!

I will post monthly updates about my investment portfolio and the income generated from the portfolio. On top of that, I will probably write about the platforms I’m using and other interesting finds I come across.

Disclaimer thingy

I am by no means a financial advisor, so don’t take anything as financial advice. I am not responsible for your financial decisions. I’m just here sharing my progress in gaining passive income. I will also be using affiliate links for the products/platforms I use, this might generate some income to support the blog, and it might also benefit you in some cases. You will be able to find the details on my blog.